Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Pictures From Recent Ancestor Vist

Here are more pictures from our recent ancestor exploration to visit the home of our great-great-great ancestor who was a captain of a ship.  Unfortunately at that time, whaling was a profitable occupation and he happened to be a whaler.  So we were a little bit conflicted visiting his home and learning about his history, but to actually step up onto the porch where he and his family once stood and feel the connection to these long ago ancestors was surreal. 

Of course, we had to explore what the world of whales was all about so we took a whale tour.  To see these incredible mammals up close was breath-taking.  Definitely it seemed as though they knew who we were and why we were there!

 I wonder if our ancestor had any idea how many of his future generations of relatives would one day step onto his porch--all in search of the knowledge of his life story.  It certainly puts one's life in perspective; although we leave this earth, our lives go on in so many ways.  Imagine the people that will look up your own life story a hundred years from now.  What story will you leave for them to discover? 
More incredible up close whale pictures:

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